Hello everyone! My name is Jordyn and I am the newest intern for Keon Reid Consulting. Before my real work begins, I think it would be a good idea to introduce myself. I am a junior business management student attending Georgia Southern University. My hometown is Dacula, Georgia and during the months I am in school I live in Statesboro, Georgia. Although there is not much to do in the location that I live, I have found interests on campus as well as my serving job at a local restaurant in town. During my time on campus, I have gotten involved in a variety of organizations to innovate my business complex. Some of these organizations include the business fraternity, woman in business, and the national honor society.

When I am not actively doing schoolwork, I enjoy activities such as adventuring, taking professional photos, and doing arts and crafts. One of my biggest passions is the ability to create. I love to paint canvases as well as design prints and patterns to decorate my house with. With graduation being in one year, I hope to continue to “Elevate my position” in all aspects of my life. These aspects include my business manner, my physical appearance, social media appearance, and mental awareness. One of my professors once told me that, “If you want to be more, you have to do more.” This phrase has stuck to me throughout my entire collegiate career. It has motivated me to realize that things in life do not come easily, and we as humans must strive, work, and manifest what we want for our futures.
I am excited to see how my new intern position with KRC will help me mature as a young businesswoman, and excited for all of the opportunities that lie ahead for growth and success for the company.

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