Technology is quickly evolving into a crucial aspect of everyday life. From business meetings to family gatherings, some form of technology is being utilized at any given moment. This is certainly the case in the current climate, as COVID-19 has effectively changed the working
environment of the Modern Professional. The way in which we leverage our current technologies ultimately determine our success in the marketplace. Here are a few tips to consider to best position yourself for virtual meetings:

  • Understand the online platform before the meeting. While most of these platforms utilize a common algorithm, there are unique differences between each that may not be as intuitive as their predecessors. We offer training services on various business-centered apps including Zoom, Canva and LinkedIn.
  • Dress appropriately. Although the current times have led to an increase of at-home work, it is good to remember that this is still a business gathering. Should you choose to stay in loungewear, please remember to throw on a blazer and try not to stand up (don’t be that person!). Dressing professionally will not only set the correct tone for the agenda, but it will also promote a
    healthy, motivating attitude to bring your best self to the meeting.
  • Try to limit background noise and distractions. Excessive background noise and distractions (cluttered room/space, movement) can be counterproductive for both you and the viewer. Consider everyone involved and be sure to conduct or join the meeting in a quiet, neutral space; nobody needs to hear your IG page playing in the background.
  • Come prepared. Arriving at the virtual meeting as prepared as possible will set the foundation for individual and team success. Have any paperwork or documents handy before the meeting begins. This will ensure that things run smoothly and time management is executed.

While adoption to new forms of technology can be painstakingly difficult, adjusting to this new normal keeps your relevant and positions you for elevation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You are your best representation. How your brand or business is perceived largely depends on you. Your appearance, behavior and attitude have a significant impact on your success, therefore, it is vital that you execute these things with precision. At KRC, we offer personalized training in each of these areas to assist you on the path to greatness. Send us a message. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in successfully navigating this new environment to ensure that you are more than prepared to exceed all of your professional goals.

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