What is a resume?

A comon question that is asked is “how to define a resume?” A resume is a document that contains an individual’s work history, experience, credentials, education and certifications. It often represents the first impression a potential employer has of you, making a resume a highly important piece of personal representation. Before an employer will take valuable time to interview you, they want to meet you on paper. What is important to note is that your resume does not define who you are, as an individual you bring certain intangibles that make you unique and add value where others may not readily.

Without a resume, it is difficult to compete in the job market, and an inferior resume will quickly eliminate you before you even have a real opportunity. This is why it is imperative to have a superior resume, one that will stand out against your competition and have employers racing to reach you for an interview.

Why do you need a resume?
A resume is necessary for many reasons and stages throughout an individual’s life. Your resume should be the best representation of your journey and background up until a specific period of time. It should look clean, professional and be informative. The recipient should be able to gain insight about your experience and background with ease and your resume should be formatted to include a comprehensible layout.  A resume can be used as a preliminary screening step for the following opportunities:

  • Internship
  • Employment
  • Scholarships or Grants
  • Networking
  • Leadership

Make your resume stand out

Your resume must explicitly demonstrate how your skills can help improve the potential organization or employer’s business. Simply stating skills or experiences is not enough. Your resume must be “results-driven”, clearly showing the employer what advantages you offer their company. Consider yourself as a product and the employer as the consumer. How would you sell your product (yourself) to the employer? Will you be the candidate that has everything put together but has no substance or will you be the one who backs your presentation with the know-how to get the job done?

Having a resume that is presented professionally can be done with various templates. We can help you compile all of the necessary information together to create a visually appealing resume template that can be personalized for each recipient, and help you beat out Johnny for your dream position! Send us a message. We are here for you!

Resume Definition

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